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The Slinky is arguably one of the most famous toys in the world. For those living in the Western world it is virtually impossible to have not encountered the spring like toy at some point in their lives. The inventor, Richard James, actually came up with the idea by accident when a spring fell and “walked” along the floor. After a showing at Gimbals, he sold out of all of his Slinkys and they soon became a must have toy, going on to net James and his family around $250 million.


The idea behind Velcro arose when George de Mestral noticed how burrs from plants would stick to his pants. When examining them under a microscope he noticed how each burr had tiny hooks that fastened to the small hoops of his trouser fabric. Realizing that he could create the same effect with artificial materials, he set about creating Velcro, an invention that is sold all over the world and brings in revenue of around $100 million every year.

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